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Senior Team


Rich Leary

Senior VP, National Sales Manager

Rich wears a lot of hats at RMI, and each one is a great fit. As National Sales Manager, his sales strategies have been a driving force in RMI’s Management division for over 20 years. He oversees day to day sales activity and service, as well as leading brainstorming and sales meetings. Under his other hat as Senior Vice President and Partner, he helps shape the future of RMI.

Outside of his roles at RMI, Rich is an active member of the DMA List & Database Council, the DMA Nonprofit Federation, and the DMFA. (We’re starting to think he has a thing for hats.) We always know we can count on Rich for the 10,000 foot view; he’s been skydiving…three times.

Tally Maffucci


Tally joined RMI when we were a just a fledgling list company with big ideas and even bigger aspirations. She’s played an integral role in growing RMI from the eight-man shop we were in 1987 to the mid-sized agency we are today. She is largely responsible for our present infrastructure, technology and operation. She ensures RMI is staffed with the brightest minds and the best tools in the industry to steer our clients, and our company, into the future.

As a member of the Direct Marketing Association and the DMA Nonprofit Federation’s Ethics Committee, Tally has a direct line to relevant legislation, ethical practices, industry challenges and emerging trends. Her best days are filled with fresh ideas, productive employees, and happy clients. And her best evenings are filled with family, friends and a large glass of good Cabernet.

Debbie McLain

Senior VP, Nonprofit Brokerage

A few clients may remember Debbie as our first receptionist. It wasn’t long before RMI leadership took notice of her drive, intelligence, and keen marketing intuition, and swept her into our Brokerage division. Fast-forward twenty-eight years and Debbie is Senior Vice President and Partner of RMI, and a list broker who is highly respected by her staff, peers, clients, and competitors alike. Debbie had a leading hand in developing our Nonprofit Brokerage division and has been responsible for its success. She works with large national and regional fundraisers, and nonprofit magazine and newsletter publishers, and is a master at direct mail planning, list and campaign analysis, and negotiating incredible pricing for her clients.

Debbie is a dyed-in-the-wool direct marketer. She is an active member of the DMA, HVDMA and the DMA Nonprofit Federation and gets a buzz from hosting RMI symposiums, visiting with clients, and attending tradeshows. She gets her off-duty thrills living it up on the peaks and dips of roller coasters; hands in the air, waving ‘em like she just don’t care.


Siobhan Caragine

Account Executive

Twenty-six years in the industry has given Siobhan some serious experience in the nonprofit, subscription, catalog, membership, and children’s list markets. You name it, she can do it―and probably school you on it. Siobhan excels as a Management Account Executive, executing and achieving list sales goals, tracking budgets, maximizing list rental income through database development, expanding secondary market usage, and modeling. She also supervises RMI’s Management team, overseeing order processing and customer services.

When Siobhan isn’t artfully crafting list recommendations, or molding our customer service team, she is an artisan in the kitchen. Siobhan loves to bake and decorate cakes - and is our go-to chef for all RMI’s special occasions. So if you want to boost your list rental revenue and then celebrate with a cake…Siobhan’s your gal.

Kathy Duggan-Josephs

Vice President of Multi–Channel Marketing

As Vice President of Multichannel Marketing, Kathy uses her 30+ years’ worth of knowledge, experience and creativity to take marketing ideas from thought, to concept, to launch, to sustained growth. Her record of orchestrating successful integrated online and offline marketing plans for our retail, magazine and Alternative Media clients is nothing short of remarkable.

She doesn’t limit her green thumb to making her clients’ revenue and customer base grow; she’s a passionate gardener on a mission: to grow a 100 lb. pumpkin. Impossible you say? That’s what one client said before she doubled their catalog circulation. We’ll be sure to save you a piece of pumpkin pie.

Rob Kenny

Account Executive

Today’s direct marketing rookies were just learning to walk when Rob Kenny started in the business. He’s spent the past 23 years managing traditional and digital campaigns, and list programs, for dozens of high-level clients in the publishing and fundraising markets. Rob has held senior positions in four different direct marketing agencies, and has worked with Reader’s Digest as their Associate Marketing Director. His vast experience has given him the insider knowledge to understand the unique needs of our clients, and the skill set to meet their goals.

When he isn’t focusing on creating client awareness in the marketplace, and pushing list revenues past their goals, Rob enjoys fishing and rooting for his favorite football team. Go Steelers!

Michael Kertelits

Account Executive

Michael brings a lot to the table as an Account Executive in our Brokerage division. From list planning and projections, to package development and analysis, he knows how to make a direct mail program shine. He’s been brightening the prospects of nonprofit organizations of all sizes for the past twenty years. Michael is also a DMFA member and serves as Vice President of the Hudson Valley Direct Marketing Association.

Don’t be surprised if you see sand under his desk. He loves going to the beach and sports of all kinds. But you may be surprised to learn he’s a committed Looney Tunes fan. His favorite character? Bugs Bunny. That’s all folks.

Alan Yu

Strategic Sales Director

When it comes to direct marketing, Alan has been around the block and back again. With twenty years of experience in the industry, Alan is driving sales for some of RMI’s largest clients in the nonprofit and publishing space. As Strategic Sales Director, Alan excels at maximizing revenue opportunities for clients while maintaining a balance between their management and acquisition goals. Alan is also our resident database guru. Want to discuss modeling methodology or the pros and cons of participating in a co-op - Alan can give you insightful, unbiased advice.

Whether it’s football, baseball, basketball or tennis, Alan is a sports fanatic. When he isn’t keeping up on his favorite teams he’s out there playing and winning championships. If we had to sum up Alan in a quote, we’d choose his favorite one from George Bernard Shaw: “We don't stop playing because we grow old; we grow old because we stop playing."


Len Zargo

Director of Business & Media Sales Development

All marketers face different challenges: be it shrinking list universes, an aging target audience, or a high cost to raise a dollar. If there’s anyone who knows how to help marketers find new audiences, and monetize their customer base, it’s Len. He is uniquely experienced as both a list broker, and a list manager and is highly knowledgeable in alternative and digital media programs.

For the past 25 years, Len has helped prominent nonprofit organizations, catalog retailers, publishers, and database marketers in the direct mail, email, digital, display, mobile and social channels. Today, he helps lead our sales team and spearheads RMI’s business development initiatives. When Len isn’t creating harmony between direct mail and digital campaigns, he’s pairing a glass of Italian wine with a classic from jazz legends like Charlie Parker or Dizzy Gillespie.

By Department

Kathy Duggan-Josephs

Vice President of Multi–Channel Marketing

Kristine Habersang

Account Manager

Michael Kertelits

Account Executive

Debbie McLain

Senior VP, Nonprofit Brokerage