12 Email Subject Line Do's and Don'ts [Infographic]

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How many emails do you get a day? 25? 50? 100+? With all that clutter, you’d think that someone has the magic recipe for the perfect subject line to help drive more opens and conversions.

The subject line of an email is very important and is the first thing a recipient gets to see. Your audience will make a quick judgment based on your subject line and decide whether to open, ignore, delete or mark as spam (eeks!).

We're not saying that every subject line should be award-winning, but carefully planning and analyzing your subject line is important. If you can get a prospect to open your email, it means you're doing a good job. If you can get them to convert through your email then you are #winning!

Here’s an easy to follow Email Subject Line Do's and Don'ts list.

Email Subject Dos And Donts


So many aspects contribute to a successful email marketing program: the cleanliness of your list, your ESP, marketing automation, personalization, subject lines, timing, creative, coding and responsive design…the list goes on. RMI has mastered the art of email by marrying all these aspects together to make email marketing easier―and more effective―for you.

  • Housefile: Designing campaigns, researching and recommending ESPs, consulting on your efforts, or simply taking the reins on your entire program with our full service offerings.
  • Acquisition: Recommending the best lists and programs for your email acquisition or lead generation efforts. Designing, or advising on, your creative approach.
  • Email Append: Bringing your offline customers online by appending matching email addresses (and vice versa).
  • Email Activity Analysis: Before you hit send, distinguish between active and inactive email addresses

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